James Gibb Stuart Trust

Our Work

The James Gibb Stuart Trust is an educational charity working to reduce debt from the personal to the national level, with a specific emphasis on explaining the banking and financial system of the UK and the world, to lay-people and legislators.

Our 6 Areas of Activity


As part of its educational outreach, the Trust aims to organise at least one large economic Conference each year, in association with key partners. More

Public Meetings

To stimulate debate and enhance learning based around the Trust’s concerns, it aims to organise, facilitate, and support regular public meetings each year. More


The Trust initiates research projects and also assists, with expertise and funding, those key partners who are researching in its field of concern. More

Supporting Key Partners

The Trust aims to work with key partners in order to lend assistance, share expertise, produce research, contribute to projects, and help with financing. More

International Outreach

The Trust shares its expertise internationally in order to assist those who are working in its field worldwide. More