James Gibb Stuart Trust


The Trust initiates research projects and also assists, with expertise and funding, those key partners who are researching in its field of concern. (Please note in this regard that the Trust’s funds are always fully allocated and it does not accept unsolicited applications.)

The Trust’s research projects support its internal capacity building requirements, develop its knowledge bank, facilitate its educational outreach, create learning materials, contribute to the needs of its key partners, and back-up its advocacy and physical activity needs.

In accord with recommendations made in its 3-Year Strategic Plan 2011-2014, the Trust is developing a series of research reports which shall be designed to build the medium and long-term knowledge and skill capacity of the Trust while helping to establish it as a “go-to” source for information and comment related to debt at the micro and macro levels.

These reports will also provide a basis for a programme of action around which the Trust can educate and advocate at both a micro and a macro-level, often in association with key partners.

More About Our Work: