James Gibb Stuart Trust

Supporting Key Partners

The Trust aims to work with key partners in order to lend assistance, share expertise, produce research, contribute to projects, and help with financing.

We aim at all times to build the capacity of our Trust and raise its profile and credibility within the charitable community, and wider society, concerned with these matters. In that regard we are guided by the following principles:

  1. We aim to involve a wide range of stakeholders in society including students, academics, business people and community leaders, each of whom will be able to share in our message and take their new-found knowledge into their specific areas of activity and concern.
  2. We aim to work with other similar Campaigns and Organisations to ensure we are not “reinventing the wheel”, to build on already existing activity, to ensure that we are able to work more closely together, to maximise our resources, and to continue to enjoy the benefits of association which accrue when similar ventures cooperate.
  3. We aim to facilitate networking, and introduce people to each other who otherwise might not have met in order to promote new partnerships and working relationships.

More About Our Work: