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We Represent Value for Money

The James Gibb Stuart Trust has extremely low running costs. Unlike many charitable bodies, we have absolutely no office rental charges, no overheads, no repair costs, and no employee costs. All our projects are contracted to self-employed researchers and organisers, at very reasonable rates, and whose work is monitored and evaluated by the Directors on a regular basis. Moreover, we have virtually no admin costs. All monies are spent on delivering the specific projects. Consequently, the Trust is able to run at low cost and provide very good value for money.

If you would like to support our work financially then please consider the following options.

Please Donate

Anyone who donates £50 or more will receive a free hard copy of the 60-page proposed Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill (worth £10).

By Cheque or Postal Order: You can donate to the Trust by sending a cheque or postal order payable to “The James Gibb Stuart Trust” c/o Wylie+Bisset, 168 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TP.

By Bank Draft: Simply go into any bank in the UK and make out a pay-in slip quoting our Sort Code and Account Number. If you would like to know our Sort Code and Account Number, please contact us on Email: jgstrust [at] jgstrust [dot] org [dot] uk
Fill in the amount you would like to donate and we will receive it in our bank account.

By PayPal: Alternatively, you can donate via PayPal using the button at the bottom of this page. When we receive your donation we will get back to you within 24 hours to thank you.

Donate by Standing Order

This is a great way to make a regular contribution and spread it out over a time period of your choice.

Click here (pdf) to download our Standing Order form. Please fill this in and send it to the Trust. We will send it to your bank after having recorded the necessary details.

Make a Gift Aided donation
If you are a UK taxpayer you may be able to make your donation go further. We can receive an additional 25% from HMRC if you are eligible to donate via the Gift Aid programme.

Click here (pdf) to learn more and to download our Gift Aid form.

Remember us in your Will

All charities rely, often predominantly, upon legacy donations. If you want your beliefs to live on after you have departed, then please consider leaving a legacy to the Trust. You need only specify that a certain sum is to be left to “The James Gibb Stuart Trust” at the address below.

Click here (pdf) to download our Legacy Pledge Notification Form which explains the various forms of legacies, and which enables you to inform us of any decision.

Add a Codicil to your existing Will

If you have already written your Will you can still update it, at any time, by using a “Codicil”. This is simply a paragraph which can be appended onto your existing Will.

Click here (pdf) to download our Codicil Form, which enables you to make an addition to your current Will. Please send this completed Form to your lawyer, or the person whom you have charged with your affairs, in order that it may be appended to your existing Will.

Avoid Inheritance Tax

Click here (pdf) to download the Trust’s Briefing Paper on how you can leave a legacy to the Trust and avoid paying unnecessary Inheritance Tax.

Here’s 3 More Tax Efficient Ways to Help Yourself and Us at the Same Time

1. Donate your Income Tax Rebate: If you fill in an income tax Self Assessment Tax Return then you can tick Form SA100 which is included in a Self Assessment Tax Return (or it can be downloaded at www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/sa100-charity.pdf) and all, or part, of any tax rebate can be paid automatically to our charity. You need only quote our “SA Donate” number on your form. The Trust’s unique “SA Donate” number is TAU84SG. Any rebate due as a result of Gift Aid can also be passed on this way. That’s an easy way to help us.

2. Donate, and Avoid Capital Gains Tax: A donation of an asset to charity, whether land, property or shares, is not liable to Capital Gains Tax, even if the asset is worth more when you donate it than when you acquired it. This applies whether you make the donation while you are alive, or in your Will. You can also sell a property to a charity for less than the market value and obtain relief.

3. Donate, and Receive Income Tax Relief: You can donate land, property or shares to a charity and deduct the value from your total taxable income for the tax year in which you made the gift. For 2 and 3, see: www.hmrc.gov.uk/individuals/giving/assets.htm

In the meantime, if you would like to make a donation via PayPal, please click on the button below. The James Gibb Stuart Trust will be informed of any donation and we will get back to you to acknowledge with thanks.